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All sportsThe Haven Sports Trust was set up by the Haven team in order to give some tangible input back to the Nelson community that would benefit as many people as possible.  The formation of a Sports Trust appealed due to the high degree of involvement in many sports by the people at Haven.  The basic concept of the Trust is to promote the development of sporting youth in Nelson, in as many sporting codes as possible and for youths of all abilities.

Three Boys Holding Sports BallsThe Trust funds have been successfully utilised by way of numerous coaching clinics and seminars.  The applicant sporting codes provide both the hands-on involvement and the choice of coach they wish to propose, as well as their chosen sport.  Then, in conjunction with the Trustees, and/or together with local Clubs, schools, coaches, etc. the necessary funding is assessed and officially applied for.  The Trust  runs as many coaching clinics and seminars as funds allow each year and these are designed to cater for the widespread sporting youth of Nelson of all ages and all abilities.  It is the Trust’s further intention that as many people as possible within each sport code will be able to take advantage of these coaching and training activities in group type sessions.

The complete concept of the Trust is to ensure that children and coaches of all abilities and skill levels have the opportunity to meet with, and be encouraged and trained by, top professional people that are brought into the town by the Trust funds.

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The Trust has funded the travel, accommodation and appearance of many sporting personalities for them to train and speak at these venues.  It has also funded other associated incidental expenses incurred with these activities, such as seminar and sporting equipment. The Trust also finances a major annual fund raising promotion that profiles the Trust, the events that it organises and the sports personalities visits and seminars, etc.


The Sports Trust generates its funds by way of an annual fund raising formal dinner.  This event takes the form of invited speakers, usually two high profile national or international sports people, along with John McBeth (N.Z. T.V. personality) as Master of Ceremonies.  During the dinner, entertainment is provided by the invited guests who give speeches on their chosen sport and raffles are also held.  At the conclusion, a grand auction takes place of donated sporting clothing and memorabilia.  It is by the continued donation of autographed memorabilia that the Trust is able to fund its ongoing coaching for the following year and all contributions towards this are greatly appreciated and indeed necessary for the Trust to continue to function.

This function has become a sought after event on the corporate/social calendar and is attended by people nationwide and also internationally.

The Haven Sports Trust is proudly supported by the following organisations:

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